Lisette & Colin Marchant – Costata Landscape Design

Lisette & Colin Marchant


Taking a small garden maintenance business and turning it into an Industry award-winning landscape & design company is no small feat. Find out how Colin & Lisette of Costata Landscape & Design managed to do this whilst simultaneously growing their loving relationship. Hint – It involved some hard days and robust fights, but as they say “Great things are worth fighting for…..and about”. Have a listen to pick up some awesome Business Couple Secret Sauce.

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Some Secret Sauce highlights from this episode:


At some point, you have to start really thinking about what jobs and clients you want to take on and which ones you don’t. It has to be a good match if you are going to work together.


Surround yourself with good people all throughout your business structure. And find a good supportive business community. 


As a business couple, we have very different personalities. And we work differently as well. However, our skills complement each other, which is why it works so well. It’s always been this way. 


If you’re working together as a couple in business, challenging times are going to happen where you are stressed and fighting. 

But don’t let it pull the rug out from under your feet. 

In the first year or so you might be thinking “This isn’t working. This shouldn’t be happening”. But it’s all part of the process as you grow your business and your relationship. 


Celebrate your milestone in the business: winning an award, completing a project, getting a fabulous new client.


Use people outside the business to supplement the skills you don’t have. We have used a business advisor, a financial advisor, we have an accountant. Whenever it’s needed we use professionals to help our business. Don’t try and do it all yourself.


Hug every day.


Our business partnership has been in existence for 30 years and we have been partners in life for 38 years.

We currently work together within our landscape design and management business, Costata Landscape Design, Colin as a landscape designer and myself as a building designer. We also project manage the installation of our projects which are mostly on the NSW Central Coast.

Our office is in our house and that is one manifestation of our life/work approach. We have built this business around our skills and our love of design and construction whilst living as ourselves, in our own surroundings. 

Whilst this could sound idyllic, it has not always been a clear and easy process to shape this business around our somewhat different personalities.

We are proud of where we are now in our work and our personal achievements


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