We’re Marcus & Ariel...

…and we’ve been in love with each other and business for more than a quarter of a century. During that time we built, managed, and sold a seven-figure business without it costing us our relationship. Since then we’ve become serial entrepreneurs and are more in love and happier than we’ve ever been. And we’re committed to helping other Business Couples achieve the same level of success. 

Being a Business Couple can be tough.

We struggled at times and would have really benefited from some relationship and Business Coaching and being part of a strong supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurial Business Couples – but it didn’t exist.

That’s why we created it via “Business Couples Success” & “Business Couples Secret Sauce”. 


Business Coach, Podcaster, Speaker, Author, Top 10% Member, Business Couple Entrepreneur.

Over the last 25 years, I have gone from a small start-up with no money to building the Million dollar business of my dreams. 

I started my entrepreneurial life at the age of 10 negotiating how I should get paid for making takeaway containers for a local chicken shop. I used to average $3.50 an hour.

After leaving school I was privileged to work for a number of small business owners that became my mentors. It’s here I got to see first hand how a successful business runs and how rewarding it can be. 

This experience put me in good stead when I made the jump into opening my first business with my partner, but being committed and enthusiastic didn’t stop us from making plenty of mistakes. It wasn’t until we got out of our own way & trusted our mentors and coaches advice and got around other entrepreneurs that things really came together. 

After selling our last business we both felt a strong passion to help others achieve their dreams through coaching and training and creating a Business Couples community

We understand what it takes to start, manage and exit from any business and love being able to help  Business Couples achieve their own success story. 


Business Coach, Podcaster, International Speaker, Author, 10% Member, Business Couple Entrepreneur.

From my very first job I wanted to understand how things worked and then figure out how to make them run better. 

In that sense I have always been interested in Business but it was not until my partner started his own house & pet minding business that I really got a passion for it.

Like all small businesses, there was a lot of hard work and plenty of learning from our mistakes. 

A desire to see more of each other and spend quality time with our little boys saw us purchase an old run-down dog boarding kennel turning over $100K per annum.

It was a real dump. So we got to work and with vision and determination turned it into a 5 star Pet Resort boasting a 7 figure annual turnover.

After selling our Pet Resort we created “Business Couples Success”  and  “Business Couples Secret Sauce” as a way to help other Business Couples.

We understand what it takes to start, manage and exit from any business and LOVE being able to help Business Couples achieve their own success story.

Learn the 3 things most business couples are doing wrong...without even realising it.